The Food Doctor is In: 8 Kitchen Fixes For When Things Get Off Track

Maryann Postiglione

 Kitchen Fixes for when things get off track

Nutrition isn't just about behavior and how food reacts with your body. No, your kitchen needs to get some coaching too. 

Let's look through your cabinets and fridge shall we? 

The Food Doctor is In: 8 Kitchen Fixes For When Things Get Off Track

1. Buy Better Cookware One Piece at a Time

If you already have great cookware, good job. Skip this guy and go to No.2. 

If you have NO cookware, I suggest buying a pan first. I love me some cast-iron cookware, so look into the Lodge stuff if you're ok with hand washing :)

2. Declutter Your Kitchen Supplies

Do you have duplicates? You really don't need two sets of pans, but someone in your community needs at least one.

Give away duplicates of pans, pots, cookware, etc. Spatulas are okay, keep those suckers around. 

You know those extravagant devices you bought and never used? Like clothes, if you haven't used it in the last year, it's time to use it or lose it.

3. Your Poor Dog Wants Better Table Scraps

I don't condone begging in this household. No, Jax, I don't care how cute you look with those big sappy dog eyes. Okay fine, I'll put what's left on my plate in your food bowl.

But let's be real here. Do you want your pooch to eat crap scraps and get sick? No! Of course not. Add some freshness to your eating plan with baby carrots, peaches, bananas, and make it a goal to eat it before it goes bad!

4. Compost! It's Fun

For my Earth children out there in your bare feet and unwashed hair, compost. It's a great way to get rid of scraps and seeing the cycle of vegetation!

Why would this help? Well make it your goal to fill that bin once a week with fresh produce and compostables!

Go here for beginners! 

5. What Happened to Your Pantry?

Do you avoid looking in there because you know there's not going to be anything to eat, but it's packed to the brim with all this... whatever food?

It's time that you cleaned out everything you aren't going to eat in there. A full pantry doesn't always mean a full tummy.

Oh, and organize that place like a grocery store. Otherwise things will get and stay lost. 

6. Pro tip:

Only put what you will eat in the next 3-7 days in your fridge. Throw out or eat everything that's been in there longer than 7 days (condiments excluded of course)

7. Or Fill It!

How many times have you gone to a party at a friend's house, opened their fridge, and saw they only had pickles, mustard, and ketchup?

Is this you? Well uh, let's fill that bad boy with some goodies you'll eat in the next 3-7 days.

8. Buy Some Spices

If all you have in that cabinet is a salt and pepper shaker you bought from the dollar store, it's time to add some more flavor to your kitchen.

Like cookware, buy one spice at a time, master it, and go on to the next one.

Not a culinary master? No problem. Mental Floss' Rebecca Oconnell made this wonderful guide just for you!


So what did you think? Willing to give any of these fixes a try? 

Comment and share below your favorite spice/food combo! 

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