The Food Doctor is In: 13 Behavior Fixes For When Things Get Off Track

Maryann Postiglione

Welcome back! Are you ready for Part 2? Who am I kidding, of course you are!

Let's talk about your attitude because how you approach your nutrition plan is just as important as what you're eating.

I'm not going to waste any more of your time, let's dive in!

The Food Doctor is In:

13 Behavior Fixes For When Things Get Off Track

1. Slow Down

I know that you were really gun-ho about going out there and hitting the pavement and gorging on salad, but you went from 0-60 in 4 seconds didn't you? Burn out is real and the best athletes experience it too. You don't have to push yourself so hard.

2. Revaluate Goal Timeline and Expected Results

You wanted to have a 6-pack by the end of the month, but come the end of the month and you're still sporting a 6-pack... of beer. Set smaller goals for smaller timelines, and then you can give yourself the right timeline for what you want!

3. Go Back to Basics with Your Goals

So you burned yourself out trying to get all that excess fat out from under your skin 'cause you're realizing that running is actually a huge pain in the ass. Going back to basics means really taking a look at how balanced your food is on your plate and making sure you're meeting your very basic needs first.

4. You Need Better Reasons

Why did you decide to eat better and be more active? Is your reason not good enough?

Quick Exercise Time!:

  • Come up with 10 reasons that you're going to benefit from this change.

Put it in your phone's notes, post it up on the fridge, where ever you will see it and be reminded of why YOU made the decision to change.

5. Was Your Goal Attainable?

Did you go all out with what your goal is going to be and forget to consider the baby steps that will make you get there? Yeah I thought so. Make small attainable goals with your huge goal in mind!

6. Or Was It Not Aggressive Enough?

Some people like the challenge, so hey, challenge yourself. I bet you cant eat that whole bowl of kale in under 20 seconds. Go!

7. Obstacles or Distractions?

What is your No.1 obstacle sitting in the way of you reaching your goal? Work? Kids? Digital release of the Star Wars Saga?

You were probably blind sighted by these things once you started your goal, and now that you know about them, rearrange your plans around or through these obstacles.

Also, designate time for your movie marathons and Netflix binges. This way your distractions have a time and place in your life! 

8. Check Your Moods

On the other hand, you may think that what you're dealing with is just laziness, and that you are a P.O.S. that will never get there. Have you been sleeping a lot lately? Lost interest in something that you used to love?

Listen, I know where you are coming from 100%. I had to deal with depression for decades until I finally realized what it was.

Depression is not an obstacle, a mood you can overcome, or laziness. Depression is a medical condition, and there is no shame in getting better. My life is wonderful now that I'm medicated, and look! I still have a personality.

9. Fake It Until You Make It

Pretend you're already where you want to be. What does that look like? Act like it, and continue to act like it until it's reality.

10. Move On From Guilt

Having a hard time doing that? Check out my post about why Guilt is a Crappy Motivator.

11. Take Pride In the Details of What You Do

Can't see the forest for the trees? Stop and smell the roses. The little steps of everything you do are significant because you mastered them!

12. Get Pumped!

Sorry, but there's no point in doing something if you're not excited about it. Bored? Remember that boredom is a state of mind. If you're bored then you're boring, dude. Sorry.

13. Treat Yourself, Not with Food

You know, I did really great consistently running for 3 miles. First time ever! I totally deserve a hot dog, or 3...

Yes, you absolutely do deserve that hot dog, but are you rewarding yourself only with food lately? Probably counterintuitive to your goals eh?

Treat yourself to a new pair of shoes, new workout gear, new War Machine models, a hike, or whatever you've been putting off buying/doing for yourself lately. 

Stay Tuned Next Week For Part 3!

Food Doctor Is In (Part 3): Kitchen Fixes

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