The Food Doctor is In: 6 Emergency Fixes for When Things Get Off Track

6 Emergency Fixes for when things get off track

So you screwed up didn't you?

You said that you were going to eat healthier, exercise, and all that jazz with once spring was here, and now you're still it the same spot you were at 3 months ago. 


Just kidding. Stop being so hard on yourself! Remember, you are amazing, great, wonderful, skilled, talented, and creative.

I know you are!

So you slipped up on your goal? No big deal. You aren't letting anyone down, and you don't have to put yourself down for it either. 

Goals are hard! They're even harder when you don't know what tools to use to get better. This happens in any avenue of goal making. 

Don't sweat it, brah. I got your back. 

The Food Doctor is In (Part 1): 6 Emergency Fixes for When Things Get Off Track

1. Eat in More (no that doesn't mean get take out instead, cheater)

Getting salads and tofu and whatever the heck you think is a healthy choice at a restaurant is great, but you ought to practice making healthier choices at home too, eh?

I know for me the problem is variety. I am a spoiled brat and demand that I don't have the same type of cuisine as the night before.


But we had Thai yesterdaaaaaaaay. Let's have pizza tonight.

For real though, I am that bratty person.

Being that bratty person makes your pallet diverse and the go-to person for where is the best place to eat, but it's not always good for your nutritional balance.

Eat in more than you eat out.

Actually make the effort to make a great dish you know you'll love minus all the extra fat, sugar, and salt, and enjoy it in a part of the house you love. It's warming up now, so enjoy your food outside with the extra protein from the bugs that fly into it.

2. Get Tested

When I was 20 I got my cholesterol tested and you would not BELIEVE how high my cholesterol was. No, I am not willing to share it with you.

(it was 250mg/dL total cholesterol)


I was highly active, doing crazy MMA training (Yeah, I'm kind of a bad ass, but tooootally not anywhere skilled enough to fight off a real MMA fighter. I come in peace!)

Needless to say, when the doctor said I should work out more, well I sure as hell did not want to work out MORE. Holy crap. I was 110lbs, very fit, had high energy, and high cholesterol. WTF was going on?!

Anyway, I became obsessed with nutrition. I started looking on blogs of nutritionists and healthcare professionals to help me lower my cholesterol (much like this one, hey! Full circle). After following their super simple advice of adding a significant amount more of soluble fiber in my diet, my cholesterol lowered waaaaaaaaaay down. I also started building muscle like a boss!

Long story short, I didn't give a crap about my eating plan because I was working out so damn much.

You may not end up wanting to go back to school to become a nutritionist because of your test results, but I will tell you knowing where your nutrition status is now definitely motivates you to eat better because you have something you can actually measure yourself against.

What Should I Ask My Doctor For?

Here's some information about the last 4 on that list.

3. Eat from the Sea! Seaweed, Fish, Anything! (okay, nothing from the garbage patch)

As a species, we are screwing up the oceans pretty damn bad. Even still, the food from our oceans is so amazing for you!

Fish? Omega fatty acids and Vitamin D!

Seaweed? Iodine FTW!!!

And that's just the tip of the iceberg on seafood nutrition!

(don't eat icebergs)

If you don't like seafood, try it until you find something that you do like. Our oceans are way to diverse for you to ever confidently be able to say you hate seafood.

4. Enough with the Dry Ready-To-Eat Foods

All that ready-to-eat out of the bag stuff, enough with it.

Oh, Maryann, I don't eat potato chips, I am like totally into granola.

Cool story bro, but if you're eating more granola than fresh produce, you're doing it wrong.

Make sure your grocery cart is filled with 3:1 ratio of fresh food to dry ready-to-eat food.


5. Lay Off the Extras

Chances are now they've become more of a snack now then a treat eh?

I love cheese more than anyone out there. I love olives more than anyone out there.

Please, don't contest this. Let me be the best cheese and olive lover out in the world. Just humor me and pat me on the head.

Yes, yes, Maryann. You're the greatest cheese and olive lover in the land. Pretty bird. Pretty bird. 

But, cheese and olives don't belong on all my meals. In a perfect world all that we would need to ever eat would have cheese and olives on it. But that's not good for you, brah.

You can add more flavor to your food by playing with spices and oils. Limit your extras to one dish a day or a couple times a week.

This way you will learn to enjoy food without extra sodium, fat, and sugar.


6. Drink more water. Dehydration Makes You Do Weird Things.

Everything in your body depends on your hydration level.

All the important functions in your body, which most of the functions are important let's be real, are based on transport. Our bodies are hella old fashioned and uses river transportation.

So the more water in our rivers, the more optimal our functions become!

  • So drink a glass of water first thing in the morning,

  • Carry a water bottle around with you

  • Be that annoying person with a gumdrop bladder having to pee all the time

These are all signs of great urinary health :)

Most importantly: 

Don't Hydrate with Soda!

Soda is such a bullshit food that should be reserved only as a treat or  for mixing with Jack Daniel's (or Gentleman Jack if you're a classy betch like me).

Keep Going! 

The Food Doctor Part 2 is already up! 

So what did you think? Are these quick fixes you think you could try out today?

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