30 Ways to Bulk Up Your Protein Game

30 Ways to bulk up your protein game

Packing on the Protein

It's always on everyone's mind regardless of how much you know about nutrition or not. For example, people who are vegan always get this comment:

"Omg, you're vegan?! How are you going to get protein?! Your body is going to fall apart."

You laugh, but my friends out there who are vegan hear this all the time. Even my lovely vegetarian friends get this one a lot. Well I am here to help everyone to bulk up their protein game!

This is how I sectioned this list and how it's going to go:

First, I'll tell you how much protein you need and when is the best time to get it. 

Second, I will list out all the dairy sources of protein

Third, things will start to get fishy around here...

Fourth, I'll let the carnivores get their fix with land-animal proteins

Fifth, there will be a grain of truth to protein (hur hur, grains, get it?)

Almost finished! I will talk about how nuts you're being reading this list for so long.

Finally, Beans, beans, they're good for your heart, the more you eat the more you get protein! Haha, tricked you! (the more you fart... sorry, I can't resist a fart joke)

NOTE: I will refer to most of my measurements as 3oz. servings. This doesn't mean you have to measure out your food all the time! Have you ever seen a deck of cards? Sure you have! That's your reference for 3oz. servings. Nifty huh?

Ready? Okay!

30 Ways to Bulk Up Your Protein Game

  1. How Much Protein Do You Need?

     Everybody needs a different amount of protein according to their height, weight, and activity level. Uh oh... we are going to have to do math?! No, just head over to this website, and it'll do the calculations for you! 
  2. How Can I Maximize My Protein Results? 

    To get the best benefits of protein, you need to stagger your protein requirement throughout the day. Naturally you will have more protein at one meal or snack than another. What I want you to avoid is to eat all of you protein requirements in one go rather than eating some here and some there throughout your day. 
  3. Do you even lift bro? 

    Within the first 40 minutes after any work out, your body is working overtime to rebuild your muscles. This is a great time to give your body some help by eating protein to build those muscles back up. Don't go crazy on the protein after the workout though, remember you need to stagger it throughout your day. How do I do that? Well I'm glad you asked!
  4. Ditch the Protein Bars and Shakes

    I have no problem if you want to include these into your eating plan every now and then, but they're not exactly affordable or awesome as delivering protein as good ol' fashioned food. Protein is naturally super bitter on its own, and supplement companies know that. So what do they do? They pack in the fillers, sugars, and ingredients you can't pronounce to mask that nasty flavor. Yuck! Don't worry, I'm going to show you some good protein sources!

  5. Party on Yogurt, Party on Grain: 

    It may not be as popular as it was in the 90's, but it will give you 5g of protein each 6oz container! WHAT?! That's great. But let's not stop there...
  6. My Big Fat Greek Yogurt:

     Now yogurt is fantastic on its own, but greek yogurt has more protein per spoonful than regular ol' yogurt. You will get 15g of protein in Greek yogurt/cup! It's pretty tangy, so pair it with some fruit. If you find the taste overwhelming, try the vanilla varieties. 
  7. Cottage Cheese Please: 

    I have nothing against cottage cheese. It just doesn't fit my personal preference. Something about the texture... Aside from that, cottage cheese is a rich source of protein, giving you 13g of protein/4 oz.! 
  8. Got Milk?

    It does the body good. That is unless you are lactose intolerant... Moving on. Milk will give you 10g of protein/cup! Talk about an easy protein fix right?
  9. You Feta Believe it! 

    Feta cheese is jam high in protein at 5g of protein/2 oz. serving! The other great thing about is that my lactose intolerant folks out there can usually tolerate it! It tastes wonderful melted into a grilled cheese sandwich by the way. 
  10. Gouda Gracious! 

    Yeah, I'm being bias over here with what cheeses I put up. I just freaking love creamy cheeses, and Gouda is at the top of my list for a delicious protein rich food. It's so good, and it goes great along side strawberries or apple slices very well MMMMMM! You get 25g protein per 3oz. serving from this guy. 
  11. Why did the Hipster Salmon Suffocate?:

    Because the current was too mainstream (hehehehe)  I can devote a lifetime to how amazing salmon is for you and for your tastebuds! In fact, I'm sure that I am going to devote a series to it in the future, stay tuned! But moving along...Man, you aren't just getting 25g of protein/3 oz. serving of this guy, you're also getting a powerhouse of nutrients with Vitamin D and  Omega-3-Fatty Acid intake! MMMMMmmmm 
  12. Tuna Up the Radio: 

    One 3oz. can of tuna has 26g of protein! Tuna is dirt cheap, and I doubt you can find a protein bar or other protein sources out there that will have 26g protein in it for the same cost. 
  13. Protein-Packed Together Like a Can of Sardines:

    Sardines aren't for everybody. They're naturally oily, and on top of that, they're usually canned in oil, so make sure to buy in water only. I love them, so don't be grossed out! Sardines are great with Hawaiian bread or mixed in with rice. If that doesn't convince you, one single sardine will give you 25g of protein! 
  14. Beefing Up! 

    Why yes I am one of those freaks that promotes eating grass-fed beef. If you want to learn more about it, check out this article! But even if you don't choose to go with the pricier grass-fed beef, you will get 25g of protein per 3oz. serving! You will also have no problem absorbing the iron that comes along with it!
  15. Pork, It's Not Just Bacon: 

    Bacon is delicious! But it's what I've heard referred to as "meat candy." Haha, gross, but for real, it is just basically that. If you want to eat pulled pork or pork loins though, you will get about 25g of protein per 3oz. serving! 
  16. Chickening Out: 

    Chicken may have less iron content, but it's still on of the healthy sources of protein protein. My favorite way to eat chicken breasts is to have the bone-in because the flavor is jam packed! Not to mention I tend to overcook my chicken breasts if they don't have the bone in.. But that's just me and my horrible cooking ways. For chicken you will get 30g of protein/3 oz. serving! 
  17. Eggs-cetera: 

    I am also obsessed with eggs. There isn't a person out there that doesn't love brunch more than I do. Yes, I love brunch more than you do Marshall Erikson! Eggs are such a versatile food that everyone can love them if they just knew the way they like them prepared. Anyway, all my rambling is for another entry! Eggs will give you 13g protein/large egg! Oh and don't worry about the egg yolks, they're good sources of protein regardless of heart disease to eat 3-6 egg yolks a week. This wonderful chicka explains this in the same way I would!
  18. Whole Wheat Bread Isn't as Tough as Leather Anymore: 

    There's been great strides in the whole wheat bread department since whole wheat became the go-to recommendation from doctors to lower your cholesterol. Manufacturers have found a way to make it very soft and delicious! Here are some of the ones I enjoy. What foods contain protein may surprise you like how just one slice of whole wheat bread will give you 5g of protein! 
  19. Brown Rice, The Clothed White Rice: 

     It's just rice that still has it's outer shell on it! Because if has it's outer shell on it, it still contains all the B Vitamins and Fiber that it grew with. It has 8g of protein/cup serving as opposed to white rice which only has 4g of protein per cup.
  20. Oatmeal, Not Just a Creepy Guy Smiling at You: 

    Oatmeal is a magical food that has soluble fiber in it which lowers the fat content in your blood stream! On top of making your bathroom trips easier, each cup of oatmeal contains 6g of protein/1/2 cup uncooked serving! 
  21. Quinoa, the Hipster Grain: 

    Keen-Wah is how you pronounce it. Now you're a part of the circle of people who know how to say it! This officially makes you a health nut, even if you've never had a single bite of it before today. Congratulations, I'll send you the membership pin later (totally joking, don't expect a pin from me). Quinoa is easy to make, plumps up fast, and goes great on salads, mixed in tacos, or can be used in place of rice. The bonus is that it will give you 9g of protein per 1 cooked cup!
  22. Protein Doesn't Have to Cost an Almond a Leg:

    Much like salmon, almonds will give you those good fatty acids and is loaded with vitamins and minerals your body needs! But there's a catch. If you want to get the full benefits from almonds, buy raw or baked almonds. If your almonds are deep-fried in oil, the extra fats added will outweigh the wonderful benefits of 21g of protein per 1/4 cup serving. 
  23. He had a Walnut for a Brain: 

    Walnuts look like a little brain for a reason; they're good for your brain! They are packed with B Vitamins and Omega-3-Fatty Acids that make your brain function to it's optimal levels! Like almonds, buy them raw or baked to get 15g of protein per 1/4cup serving! 
  24. They're Just Peanut Butter and Jealous! 

    You have to thank George Washington Carver for peanut protein because he knew what he was doing when he mashed up peanuts to make this protein powerhouse. When buying peanut butter, don't be fooled by the "0 Trans Fat" label. They can still have hydrogenated ingredients! The only ingredients that should be in your peanut butter are peanuts, salt, and/or honey. Peanut butter gives you 7g of protein/tablespoon. Now combine that with 2 slices of whole wheat bread and you get 17g of protein!!! Daaaaaaayyymn!
  25. Yo Soy Maryann: 

    My Spanish professor mother is going to kill me for this one. Soy beans are so popular foods containing protein among vegetarians and vegans because they have a high volume of protein at 9g of protein/ 4 oz.! They taste great, and you can eat them steamed either plain or with a little salt over top. Ever eaten edamame? Those are soy beans! 
  26. Please Don't Sell my Kidney Beans: 

    Chili gets it's all mighty power from these guys. If I don't see red beans in my chili then I don't consider it a proper chili. Aside from chili, these guys are great on a salad by themselves because of their great texture. With each 1/2cup serving of kidney beans you get 9g of protein! Whoah!
  27. In the Navy Beans:

    I hope I'm not the only one out there that is super confused that navy beans aren't navy blue. They're pale as any beans you may see, but don't let the color fool you, it has sooooo many nutrients in there, and they deserve a place in your eating plan! Navy beans will give you 9g of protein per 1/2cup serving.
  28. Ford Pinto Beans: 

    Like it's 1971 car counterpart, pinto beans can make your rear end volatile! Oh fart jokes, you will always be funny. Moving along though, pinto beans make great bean dips! You can make your own not refried pinto beans for a healthier option than those refried in hydrogenated oil beans in a can. While you're enjoying your bean dip, you are getting 9g of protein per 1/2cup serving!
  29. Jack Black Beans: 

    Don't ask me what Jack Black has to do with black beans. In Southern Brazil, black beans are our staple food. For the longest time I had no idea there were other types of beans, and I would ask how people got their beans to be so brown. Yeah, I was that dense. Speaking of density, black beans have such great protein density with, you guessed it, 9g of protein per 1/2cup serving!
  30. Lentil me a Hand Will Ya? 

    My superstitious family always cooks lentils at the new year to increase our chances for financial wealth in the upcoming year. Whether or not it works I will never know, but I will say it gives you nutritious wealth (hur hur hur). On top of all the other vitamins and minerals that lentils come with including magnesium and iron, 1/2cup of cooked lentils will give you 9g of protein 

Hooray for Protein-Packed Food!

I hope you enjoyed all the information about protein, and I hope you learned something new today! 

Thanks for your eye rolling at my puns by the way. I know you thought I couldn't see you, but I saw you rolling your eyes. It's okay, I know I'm like, totally lame. 

Did you like this post? Share and comment below! Thanks so much and I'll talk to you soon! 

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