3 Things Keeping You From Nutrient Balance

Maryann Postiglione

3 Things Keeping You From Nutrient Balance 

For some reason I am repelled or bothered by the term "nutrition coaching." It make some think of a fad that's going around or someone telling you to go on some crazy cleanse to clear our your body's toxins that you may or may not have. 

That's not at all what PLATE TWO FULL is about, but I think that nutrition coaching is the best way to describe the nutritional counseling sessions. 


Well because we've all been around food our entire lives, and we don't need to be patronized about our eating habits with over-explanation and education. What I found that my clients most needed was to strengthen their relationship to food and health. 

3 Things Keeping You From Nutrient Balance

1. Not Fully Understanding How Food Affects Your Body

The understanding of how the food we interact with on a daily basis affects our bodies is one we aren't always conscious of. 

Maybe we don't see how eating a limited variety of foods affects our nutritional status. That by eating excesses, we are depriving ourselves of essentials. 

2. Freaking Out About Food Choices

On the flip-side, some of us are too aware of what we eat. We automatically look for the food label of everything we're about to eat whether or not we have special nutritional needs. 

3. Misinformation

A strong relationship with food is finding a  balance in the extremes in 1 and 2. Not just finding that balance, but strengthening ourselves to where that balance comes as naturally as possible. 

How are you supposed to do that when you hear or read thousands of articles about health and wellness that contradict each other or are constantly changing?

Don't get bogged down with nutrition misinformation. If you feel overwhelmed, it's time to purge everything you've heard that sounds ridiculous or contrary to common sense.

That's why I like the term "coaching" for what PLATE TWO FULL does with nutritional counseling. 

I will work with you to strengthen your relationship with food through balance and your capabilities. 

If you have nutritional goals to improve your quality of health, let me help you by finding the suitable path for your personal needs. 

Everyone has the innate ability to maintain nutritional status and balance with themselves. 


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